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Anne-Cécile Vandalem spent every Monday in Brussels’ Ribaucourt neighbourhood, meeting the locals and passers-by to discuss their feelings about the performing arts and their opinions regarding the different ways these are financed.

At the end of the dialogue, Anne-Cecile offers to produce a piece of art for them in exchange for the time they granted her. The meetings raised a lot of questions, namely about reciprocity, generosity, commitment, mediation and solicitation.

The second part of the project aimed to incorporate the citizen more profoundly in the creation of the work itself, by affording him/her the role of creator (he/she now becomes responsible for the development as well as the resources necessary for the actual achievement of the work).

So, this segment invited the sponsor to become the co-creator of a piece of performing art that Anne-Cecile Vandalem would produce in collaboration with him or her.

It is meant to allow everybody to be much more than inactive observers of a practice that either goes beyond them, or excludes them altogether, but of which they become an integral part.

This version no longer focuses on the element of collaboration between artist and citizen, but rather on the idea of the gift, the contribution and the risk of trusting an artist with your feelings.

The citizen will not be asked to participate in the production of the work of which he is the instigator, but to plainly accept it, whatever the outcome may be.

A specific context will be conceived to facilitate the scope of the initiator’s feelings or wishes, as well as the space to express dissatisfaction or disappointment concerning the final outcome.

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