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In 2003, Anne-Cécile Vandalem began to create and write plays: ZAÏ ZAÏ ZAÏ ZAÏ (2003) and HANSEL ET GRETEL (2005) with Jean-Benoit Ugeux. Already, fiction is her preferred medium and her essential means of expression.


From 2008 to 2013, habitation plays a major role. The artist sees it as the perfect place of confinement, by which and with which everything happens. Starting from an ultra-realistic universe, Anne-Cécile defines the framework of domestic tragedies, within an individual frame with (SELF)SERVICE, a family one with HABIT(U)ATION and a collective one with AFTER THE WALLS (Utopia).

In 2011 she creates MICHEL DUPONT réinventer le contraire du monde (2011) a sound show for adults and teenagers.


In 2014, Anne-Cécile Vandalem began exploring the modalities of posture and imposture through two performative projects LOOKING FOR DYSTOPIA and WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?.


In 2015 Anne-Cécile creates a diptych about sadness:  STILL TO SAD TO TELL YOU (video installation) and TRISTESSES (theater performance).


ARCTIC (2018) is the second part of a Trilogy dealing with the end of humanity through the great failures of our time.

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Das Fraulein Kompanie Logo